Oh my Honey Gift Box

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 Golden Treasures: The Luxurious Honey Gift Box for Sweet Delights


Elevate your cheese plate to perfection with our delightful Oh My Honey Gift Box! Simple yet elegant, this bundle includes the Osmose placemat and napkins, setting the perfect atmosphere for your cheese indulgence.


Accompanied by a beautifully handcrafted Laguiole cheese set with light horn handles, the experience becomes truly exquisite. Choose your favorite cheese and top it off with a sprinkle of our exquisite saffron-infused honey for a burst of flavors.


With this bundle, creating a wonderful cheese platter has never been easier.


Voilà, a gourmet delight that will impress and delight your guests!


This set includes: 


🍯 2 Osmose Placemat from Le Jaquard Francais

Material:  100 % Cotton

 Size: 20x14"

🍯 2 Osmose Napkins from Le Jacquard Francais

Material:  100 % Cotton

 Size: 20x20”

🍯 1 Laguiole 3 Piece Cheese Set Pale hold Handles from Jean Neron

Dimensions Hard Cheese Cutter : 6" x 1.4375" x 0.1875" // Soft Cheese Spreader: 6.025" x 0.875" x 0.1875" // Fork Tipped Knife: 6.125" x 0.5625" x 0.1875

Material: Stainless Steel blades & Acrylic Handles

🍯 1 Saffron Honey from Nev

Ingredient: Organic Acacia honey, organic Villeveyrac saffron

Size: 250g / 8.8oz

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