Handmade Cutlery

Jean Neron

For over 3 generations, Jean Neron has been creating high-quality knives and table accessories in the tradition of Laguiole, a style born in Thiers, France in the late 18th century. These artisanal pieces are crafted with care and passion and are renowned for their durability and excellence.

Fine Linens

Le Jacquard Francais

Le Jacquard Francais is a brand known for its beautiful linens and home decor. With a history dating back to 1861, the company has a strong tradition of innovation and style. They have invested in color research and technical innovations to create not only domestic linens but also fashion accessories for the table.

Despite facing challenges such as the destruction of their factory during World War II, Le Jacquard francais has persevered and is now a respected and well-known brand.

Organic Honeys & Salts


The story of Nev started in 2020 when Nevena and Clement travelled to Canada. In ont little town, they tried an saffron-infused honey and fell in love with the flavors.