The Story of a French Couple

The story of Nev started in 2020 when Nevena and Clement travelled to Canada. In ont little town, they tried an saffron-infused honey and fell in love with the flavors.

After bringing a few jars of this honey back home, they made their friends and family try it. Eveyrone fell in love with the flavors.

Once they ran out of supply, they looked everyone for a similar quality of product but couldn't find anything as good as they tried. They decided they would make their own if they coundn't find what they were looking for.

The concept of Nev was born.

Since then, Nevena and Clement both quit their job are decided to move to the south of frane where they could create their own workshop and innovate with their own recipes.

100% Handmade

One of Clement and Nevena promise is to handmade every single product they carry.

Every batch is handcrafted and packed by their small team. They take care of everything in house, making sure every product is up to their expectations.

100% Organic & Localy Sourced

Nevena and Clement offer a selection of product that is not only 10% organic but also 100% locally sourced in the south of France.

From the salt of camargue, to the olives of Nice, every single ingredient come from France and is made by passionned artisans.

100% Delicious & Beautiful

Because Nev products are born from passion and love for the gastronomy, you will never find better. Nevena and Clement make sure every single of their products looks good and taste good.


Best Seller

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