Our Origin

The Story of a French Foodie

Meet Helene, the founder of Delys Boutique. From a young age, Helene has been passionate about cooking and discovering new flavors. As a child, she spent her summers in Brittany, France baking treats and selling them to friends and family. This love for food and adventure never left her, and she spent years traveling the world and exploring different cuisines. After a career in the wholesale and retail industry, Helene decided to turn her passion into a new chapter and founded Delys Boutique.

At Delys Boutique, Helene not only shares her love of food and high-quality products, but also her desire to bring joy to others through simple treats.

Our Concept

A curated selection

In today's digital world, when one wants to shop gourmet food online, the only choices are grocery-like platforms. The products are drown in a sea of offer living us wonder about the quality and authenticity of the products.

We intend to narrow down the selection to a few essential products that will be “Approved and Tested.” Our customers will be able to trust that what they buy will be of high quality.

We are offering our customers a full selection of items that go well together, and that can be quickly brought all together to provide a unique atmosphere to their kitchen. Our customers will be able to buy one item, but they can also shop the entire collection to give themselves a thematic kitchen and table decoration if they want to.

A French Tradition

The Love of the Table

When you grow up France, and especially in the south of France like I did, you grow up watching your parents spending hours around the table, enjoying their times with their friends and family. As you become older, you follow this tradition and make your own endless dinners with those you love.

The table is for me the center of the party, the one object that bring us all together and by creating Delys Boutique, I hope to make is as important for you, than it is for me.

Our Values


The curation of products we offer looks good but, more importantly, is good. Everything we offer has been tested and approved prior to being selected. Not only we tested every item, but we also use them daily on special occasions. We make sure our standards are upheld in every item we offer.


By testing and approving every single product, we want you to be able to trust our selection. We want to build a trust-based relationship with our customers. We don't want you to wonder about the product, we made the curation to ease your mind and make you save time.


By the quality of our products and the trust relationship we want to build with you, we hope you will become a loyal customer. But most and foremost, we are loyal to our customers. We will uphold our values to ensure you are offered the best products and the best services at all times.


It is important for us that all our customers and employees are treated equally. No matter their gender, race, sex, origin, or education, every customer is treated with the same respect and every employee has the same opportunity.

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